July 15, 2024
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After Panipuri, Momos, Mamata with cooking experiment again in Darjeeling

Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s three-day visit to Darjeeling is in the news. First, the footage of panipuri being made and served was released. Now Mamata is trying momos.

A video of making momos is making waves on social media. News agencies have released a video of momos being made at a shop in Darjeeling. Mamata herself has shared pictures related to this. The pictures were shared with the caption, ‘I made momos during my morning ride in Darjeeling’.

This is not the first time Mamata has made momos. Earlier, during the Bengal Chief Minister’s visit to Darjeeling in March, he made momos and shared them with the locals. In 2019, while returning from Digha to Kolkata, it was also in the news that tea was prepared and served to people at a tea stall.

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