March 20, 2023
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‘Come to buy a car worth Rs 10 lakh without having to pay even Rs 10’; Salesman mocks farmers

The incident took place in Tumakuru, Karnataka, yesterday. The salesman in the showroom insulted a farmer who came to the showroom of a leading automaker to buy his favorite vehicle and the dramatic events that followed have gone viral on social media in the last few hours.

National media, including India Today, reported on the experience of Kempegowda, a young farmer who came to buy a bolero pick-up van at the Mahindra showroom in Tumakuru. Kempegowda, who grows flowers, came to Mahindra’s showroom to buy his favorite pickup SUV for farming. But the employee in the showroom behaved as if they were ordinary people who came to see their appearance and behavior.

When Kempegowda asked the employee about the vehicle of Rs 10 lakh they showered him with insulting words. The salesman joked that he had come to buy a car worth Rs 10 lakh without having to pay even Rs 10. Angered by this, Kempegowda asked if he could get the car today if he paid. Bring Rs 10 lakh together the car will be given today, the employee said. Showroom officials thought the young man was just boasting saying he would be back in half an hour. But they were shocked when Kempegowda arrived with the money within the allotted time. Showroom officials were really caught up when the young man demanded that the vehicle be delivered right away.

Dealers were stranded due to technical hurdles to deliver the car soon. They said the vehicle was not yet ready for delivery and could be delivered within four days. With this, the youth and his friends started a strike to ensure that the vehicle would not go unnoticed. With this, the issue went viral on social media.

Eventually, officials from the Tilak Park police station arrived and called off the strike. Kempegowda had lodged a complaint with the Thilakanagar police for misconduct and ridicule. He also demanded a written apology for insulting himself and his friends. Later, the salesman and other employees apologized to Kempegowda and apologized in writing, and the farmer reportedly returned, stating that he no longer bought the vehicle from the showroom.

Anyway the video of the incident is being widely shared. Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra & Mahindra, was also tagged in the video. Social media warns that this is what happens when people are judged by their clothes.

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