April 7, 2020
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Muslim groups strongly oppose UCC

Several Muslim organizations unanimously opposed the law commission of India’s questionnaires on the feasibility of a Uniform Civil Code, saying the BJP-led NDA government is trying to distort the religious freedom ensured by the constitution of the country. As per the report, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board strongly defended the personal law highlighting the religious freedom. The leaders of the Muslim organizations have called a press conference to elucidate the negative aspects of UCC. In a statement released after the press release, it says that the government is trying to derail the religious harmony existing in the Indian society. In the press conference itself, the Muslim leaders admitted that these are certainly some flaws in the Muslim personal law. And, they pointed out that it should be upgraded at frequent intervals. The Muslim organizations warned that they would launch a religious campaign to evoke awareness about the issue. It is learned that the Muslim organizations are planning to organize a huge gathering at Lucknow on this month. Earlier, the central government rejected the validity of the ‘triple talaq’ practiced by the Muslim community. Some Muslim leaders allege that the central government is hiding actual problems by highlighting these kinds of issues. Uniform Civil Code is aimed to replace the personal law proposed by the constitution with a common set of law. Presently, some personal laws are based on customs of each religious groups or sections.


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