February 24, 2024


The X1 also beats its rivals when it comes to performance figures. Where the GLA has 136bhp and the Q3 has 177bhp, the X1 2.0d makes 187bhp! Acceleration, as a result is sprightly, with 0-100kmph coming up in 8.03 seconds. The engine also feels much more refined than in the previous car. The new engine layout means the X1 uses an 8-speed Aisin gearbox instead of the legendary ZF 8 speeder that is used in other BMWs. This one makes for super quick upshifts, but takes a bit of persuasion and isn’t enthusiastic as the ZF box when driven hard.

The switch to FWD architecture might have put off some, but this is still a BMW and the X1 still maintains 50:50 weight distribution. The handling is enthusiastic, the steering though electric feels communicative and the brakes are fantastic. The X1 is eager to turn in and has great composure than its crossover looks might have you believe. The X1 is available in front wheel drive and all wheel drive variants and the all wheel drive offers massive grip when it gets wet. It even shuffles power between front and rear axles to kill understeer and make it feel neutral at all times. The engine has a steady shove of power from 2000rpm and revels in hurling the car from one corner to the next.



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