July 13, 2024

BMW 7 series


The BMW 7 Series has always been a confusing proposition. It transforms itself from an executive car for wealthy bankers and businessmen in the 90s to  overtly complicated, exceedingly over-styled luxo-modern limousines for the more fashion conscious people, over the last two decades. It was the third way to have your German luxury exec, if you think the timeless elegance of the S class and the understated brilliance of the Audi A8 don’t quite work for you. But, there was a big problem with buying one here.Strangely, it was never the car’s fault.


It had something to do with the poor service quality of the BMW brand in Kerala. Early,Support services after the delivery weren’t quite up to the mark and there has been a myriad of complaints from owners, often forcing them to get their cars serviced outside or to shift to other brands reluctantly. Simply put, the cars were good, but the service never was. Now, this became a thing of the past, as a new dealer,  EVM Autokraft, has sprung up in Kalamassery, Kochi. Not only do they bring years of experience with a wide range of products from Datsun, Nissan, VW, Porsche etc in their portfolio, but also they have a massive service facility to cater to the owners. So, buying a BMW no longer comes with the usual woes that you have experienced or heard your friends complaining.



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