May 28, 2024

A luxury car from Skoda




Keen to not rest on its laurels after the Octavia launch, Skoda has brought in the new Superb, which is the understated luxury car of choice for those who do not want a Mercedes or BMW. You see, cars like the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA are aimed at those people who don’t mind a small car for the price as long as it wears a premium badge on the bonnet. The Superb is quite the opposite. You spend the same money as an Audi A3, but what you get is something with the creature comforts of an Audi A6. And, it doesn’t attract the same kind of attention which is perfect if you are the sort of person who doesn’t want to flaunt your wealth.



The new Superb is not a facelift of the earlier one, but it is a brand new car based on the new MQB platform, just like the new Octavia. It is 28mm longer, 47mm wider and the wheelbase has grown by a significant 80mm. It is also 75kg lighter than the earlier model and looks much sleeker, thanks to better proportions. The front end is sharp and modern with chiseled headlamps and edgier grille merging into one another. The bonnet has its shut-lines run into other elements to make it look like the whole front end is one piece. There are beautiful crystalline details inside the headlamps that pay homage to the ancient Czech glass making industry. The silhouette of the car is quite similar to that of the Octavia, giving it a coupe-like profile. The sloping rear glass and long rear overhang result in one handsome car. The tail lamps are well formed and mimic the design of the ones in the front. There are subtle chrome embellishments throughout, but none too excessive. It is an elegant and timeless design, which could appeal to everyone.



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