May 26, 2024

A luxury car from Skoda


The interiors are about as lavish as you would get for this price. There are acres of space and the seats are wide with enough space to stretch your legs. The dashboard design has some familiarity with the Octavia but the quality of materials used is top notch. There is accent lighting whose colour can be changed.The 6.5 inch touch screen of the infotainment unit is a small, responsive device with a properly weighted switches and knobs.The attention to detail is evident where every storage space in the cabin is lined with felt or rubber so as not to scratch your belongings. And, since this is a Superb, it comes with umbrellas as standard – except this time, there are two in each of the front doors. The driver seats are 12 way adjustable and feel supportive in all the right places. The rear seats have Mercedes S class rivaling legroom and a suitably sloped floor for that perfect seating posture. If the old Superb had odd proportions, it was to give the rear seats good headroom. In the new one, the slopping roofline could be a problem for tall passengers and the protruding transmission tunnel means the rear seat is only for two. Also gone is the twin-door boot mechanism of the old Superb, the new one gets a large one piece hatch with a whopping 620 litres of cargo space.

The Superb comes with petrol and diesel engines and a choice of manual and automatic transmissions for the petrol. The petrol engine is a 1.8 litre turbo charged direction injection four cylinder that pumps out 178bhp and 320Nm torque in the manual version. In the 7 speed dual clutch automatic , peak torque has been electronically limited to 250N-mdue to the low torque handling nature of the components. The automatic is a smooth unit that delivers lightning fast upshifts and immediate downshifts, but this is a gearbox that has had several breakdowns reported on it earlier, so my advice is to avoid it altogether. The manual car is a joy to drive fast and seems even faster thanks to additional 70Nm torque and 46 kg weight savings over the AT. The performance feels relentless and there is adequate power on tap anywhere in the rev range. The only issue is that the clutch modulation may take a bit get used to and you are likely to stall the car many times at first when moving off.



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