May 29, 2020

BMW 7 series

So, with that out of the way, let’s see what the new 7 series is all about. The latest sixth generation is called the G12 and is a perfect blend of sleekness and luxury. The car appears longer and wider, giving it beautiful proportions like that of a sports saloon. The headlamps are a bit too long and there is a bit of a mismatch around the place where they meet the grilles, but the bonnet and fenders do take your eyes off this. The rear is ever more futuristic looking with elongated LED tail lamps and lashing of chrome everywhere. The version that was tested by us was the long wheelbase 730 Ld M Sport, and it certainly appeals to the young, with its angry front bumpers, massive air dams, and 19-inch twin five spoke wheels. The M Sport kit costs approximately Rs.8 lakhs more than the standard car, but it combines sportiness and luxury like never before.


The new 7 series comes loaded with so much technology.The space that was allotted to write about the car, is simply not long enough to elucidate all that features. The headlines are the arrival of a carbon fibre reinforced polymer shell, like you get in super cars and laser headlamps – both of which you will see in future cars. The carbon fibre shell helps this generation shave off as much as 130 kgs off the old car. Laser lights have a beam throw up to 600 meters which is almost double that of most LED lights and yet control their beam spread so as not to blind oncoming traffic. The car features a 10.25-inch screen for the i Drive and another one for the virtual dials in the instrument cluster. It also comes with gesture control which has a camera in the headlining that detects the various gestures and lets you do a selection of functions. For example, simply rotate your index finger clockwise in front of the centre console to increase the music volume; although this system needs further refining. There is 360-degree surround view camera to help you with parking, two 10 inch screens at the rear for entertainment and a 7inch Samsung tablet that controls everything from the blinds to the ambient lighting. You can even select from two different scents within the air conditioning controls. The 7 series also comes with an additional key, which resembles a small mobile phone and lets you control multiple features on the display before you even get into the car.


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