June 22, 2024
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Woman journalist shot dead in N Ireland during violence

A woman journalist, Lyra McKee, has been short dead in Northern Ireland, as the unpleasant state of violence has broken out in a Northern Ireland city when a group of police officials have launched a search operation in the houses of fundamentalist elements ahead of the commencement of Easter day celebrations.

The journalist has been rushed to the hospital immediately after she suffered the injury. Unfortunately, she could not be saved.

An investigation has been launched into the incident. At this moment, it remains unclear who has shot at the journalist and what has prompted him to target the journalist.

Most political leaders have condemned the attack. A senior Sinn Fein leader has said that she was shocked by the news. The leaders of DUP and SDLP have also responded in the similar tone.

It is high time to create a framework to protect journalists work in dangerous situations such as riots.

Vignesh. S. G
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