March 1, 2024
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US expresses concern over continuing communication restrictions in J&K

The United States has expressed serious concern over the continuing communication restrictions and detentions in the Indian state of Kashmir, which was recently bifurcated into the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the UT of Ladakh.

Earlier, in a meeting conducted between US president Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the sideline of the G7 summit organised in France, India communicated its position about the present situation in the valley to the United States.

The US leader, who emerged after that meeting, then was appeared convinced about the Indian position.

It remains unclear why suddenly the US has rolled back from its previous position about the development in the valley.

During the meeting, India asserted that the Kashmir issue could only be addressed bilaterally between the country and its neighbour Pakistan. India rejected any possibility of the involvement of a third party in the discussion about the valley.

The new developments indicate that the US is very interested to interfere in the Kashmir issue. The motive of the US to interfere in the issue is yet to be identified.

Earlier, the west said that they were closely monitoring the developments in the valley.

The Kashmir issue will be a big test for the present regime. It is hoped that the political parties of the country will not unnecessary politicise the issue. India has a strong case, and it must win.

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