June 24, 2024
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As both sides try to avoid escalation, India’s missile’malfunction’ has prompted Pakistan to seek a joint investigation

The “mistake” that sent an unarmed Indian missile deep inside Pakistan on March 9 had the potential to turn into a full-fledged crisis, but the two countries appeared to make a concerted effort to keep things calm. As the missile landed in Pakistani territory on Saturday, the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for a […]Continue Reading
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Masood Azhar’s brother attends the funeral of IC 814 hijacker Zahoor Mistry, who was killed in Pakistan

According to reports in Pakistan, one of the hijackers of the IC 814 flight, Zahoor Mistry, was killed. Mistry is said to have been killed by two bike-riding assailants in Karachi’s Akhtar colony on March 1. Geo TV in Pakistan confirmed the killing, identifying him as a “businessman” from Karachi. Mistry had been living in […]Continue Reading
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Six Pakistani nationals have been arrested in connection with the discovery of Pakistani boats off the coast of Gujarat

Six Pakistani nationals have been identified in connection with the discovery of Pakistani boats off the coast of Gujarat. The BSF, Gujarat Police and the Air Force conducted a joint search and arrested six persons in two phases. Eleven boats were spotted in the Gulf of Bhuj during a routine BSF patrol around midnight on […]Continue Reading