May 28, 2023
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ToneTag Partnered with Amazon: Deploying Voice-Payment Tech

The fintech that specializes in the use of sound to carry payment credentials, ToneTag, has partnered with Amazon deploying a technology that completes transactions by talking to television or orally placing an order in-store.

ToneTag co-founder Kumar Abhishek stated, “Voice assistants like Alexa convert sound into instructions, but they cannot carry data. By adding our technology, an order for a cappuccino can carry the instruction and be used to initiate payment using UPI after identifying the customer”. Besides just being payment partners, Amazon and Mastercard, are also investors in the company.

The company is also looking to bring its payment technology for home automation like embedding RO water purifiers with software for ordering the candle filters or integrating with voice assistants on smart TV allowing viewers to place orders.

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