December 8, 2023
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COVID 19: New Mahe patient tested positive is critical

The lockdown gauges in New Mahe, Chokli and Pannyannur panchayats have been ventured up in the light of data that the 71-year-elderly person from Cherukallayi, New Mahe, who tested positive on Tuesday, had travelled generally here. The request with respect to this was given by Thalasserry sub-collector Asif K Yusuf, who holds the charge of sub-divisional judge, on Wednesday. The request was given dependent on the Kerala Epidemic Diseases (Covid 19) Regulations 2020.
The man had voyage generally and gone to numerous capacities, authorities said. The patient, who is conceded at the Government Medical College Hospital, Pariyaram, is in a critical condition. A chronic kidney patient, he is on ventilator support. As per the group of specialists going to the patient, he has pneumonia, heart diseases and ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).
As per the examination of the Health and Police Departments, it was affirmed that the individual had voyage openly in the zone between March 15 and 21. He had taken an interest in all the religious function held at the MM Highschool Mosque. On March 18, he had gone with his son in-law on his motorbike up to Mahe bridge to go to an engagement. From Mahe bridege, he had gone in a tempo traveller with 11 people. It is accounted for that around 45 individuals had taken part in the function.
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