January 24, 2022
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COVID 19: Mohanlal share his gratitude to all the health workers through a session on COVID 19 arena

Doctors and paramedics treating COVID-19 patients in the state had some happy moments on Wednesday when their magnanimous help was valued by actor Mohanlal. “At the point when you are endeavoring hard for our government assistance, we are appealing to God for you,” the actor said during an interactive meeting with around 250 health workers doled out to treat COVID-19 patients.

Health Minister KK Shailaja’s office said that the video gathering meeting was to help the confidence of the health workers who are experiencing obligatory confinement between their days of work. It assisted with breaking the tedium of the 14-day isolation time of the staff, said an authority statement.

The actor said it was an extraordinary chance to meet the individuals drudging hard to make Kerala free from COVID-19. “I’ll appreciate these memories for eternity. The individuals of Kerala are obligated to you for your magnanimous help,” he said. “You are the incredible trust in patients. The film field is eager to offer all assistance to you,” he added.

Shailaja and administrators of the COVID emergency clinics in the state likewise attented the session. The entertainer gave a ‘major salute’ to the minister who is driving a huge number of health workers, from specialists to cleaning staff, occupied with the battle against the pandemic.

Shailaja offered thanks to her staff who had put aside their family and individual issues to serve the individuals. “The administration has the duty to deal with your physical and emotional well-being. I express gratitude toward Mohanlal for going along with us,” she said.

For huge numbers of the staff, it was a lovely astonishment to meet their preferred entertainer, talk with him and get an expression of gratefulness from him. One of the members, Kannur Medical College head Dr N Roy, astounded the actor when he uncovered that they were batch mates at the Government Model Boys Higher Secondary School in Thiruvananthapuram.

Before closing down, the entertainer sang a tune for his crowd. Furthermore, the decision was amazing… P Bhaskaran’s good old tune “Lokam Muzhuvan Sukham Pakaranay…”

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