April 16, 2024
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Dance Reels Go Viral; Legal action against the girl

Social media has moved away from posts and into the era of Instagram Reels. We come across so many different types of reels every day. Among these, the acceptance of dance reels is different. All those who do this try to make this kind of dance reels (Dance Reels) innovative.

There are people who shoot Instagram Reels on busy roads, in the market, in the middle of the crowd, in school or college. But at least in some places, special permission should be sought while filming the video. Otherwise you may face legal action.

One such incident has been reported from Hyderabad. The girl who filmed the dance reels from Hyderabad Metro is now facing legal action. The reels have the girl stepping inside the metro to a Tamil song. Passengers can also be seen in the back.

The problems started when these reels went viral. A group of people came to the scene demanding that who gave permission to the girl to take such reels inside the metro and that all these things are causing annoyance to the passengers and action should be taken against this. But the other side also came forward arguing that things like dance-singing are a nuisance and it only helps to ease the pressures of the busy daily life.

Anyway, someone filed a police complaint against the girl. With this, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited has informed that action will be taken against them.

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