May 27, 2022
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India’s defeat to Pakistan: Alleged attack on Kashmiri students

Kashmiri students attack after losing India vs Pakistan t20 match to Pakistan. The incident took place at Bhai Gurudas Engineering College in Sagur, Punjab. It is alleged that the attack was carried out by students from Uttar Pradesh. Upon learning of the incident, police arrived on campus. Police said the situation was under control. But the case has not been registered yet.

“We were watching the India-Pakistan match here. Students from UP stopped us. We came here to study. We are also Indians. You can see what they did to us. Aren’t we Indians? Kashmiri students said they showed up in the room and attacked.

Earlier, students shared footage of chairs being smashed and beds being torn down. The footage spread on social media. The students said some were physically assaulted. In another picture you can see people walking with sticks.

India lost to Pakistan by 10 wickets in the T20 World Cup. India scored 151 for seven in the allotted overs with 13 balls to spare. This is the first time Pakistan has beaten India in a World Cup.

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