April 22, 2024
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Flipkart is penalised by the CCPA for selling pressure cookers that are of poor quality

Any product found to be inferior in quality is considered unusable and withdrawn from the market. Selling and producing such products is legally a crime in the country. Online shopping chain Amazon was fined for selling substandard pressure cookers in this manner. Amazon was fined by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA). The fine was […]Continue Reading
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Amazon sells a plastic bucket for Rs 25999, and netizens are shocked to learn that it is already sold out

Luxury items with no practical use being sold for exorbitant prices may be the norm (look at the non-waterproof umbrella), but imagine our surprise when desi plastic balti followed suit. People in India were ecstatic when they discovered a bucket for Rs 35,900 on Amazon. Yes, believe it or not, a person was perplexed to […]Continue Reading
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Amazon  Attempting to Halt an Antitrust Investigation Into Its 2019 Merger With India’s Future Group

According to legal documents seen by Reuters, Amazon.com Inc has requested India’s Supreme Court to halt an expedited assessment of charges that the company hid material when seeking antitrust clearance for a 2019 merger with India’s Future Group. Amazon was accused of concealing information and making misleading statements by the Competition Commission of Continue Reading
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Amazon, Microsoft Swooping in on India’s $24 Billion Data Goldmine on Agriculture

Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems are among the technological behemoths lining up to collect data from India’s farmers as part of a government-led productivity drive aimed at modernising the country’s ageing agricultural sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which is attempting to assure food security in the world’s second-most Continue Reading
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ToneTag Partnered with Amazon: Deploying Voice-Payment Tech

The fintech that specializes in the use of sound to carry payment credentials, ToneTag, has partnered with Amazon deploying a technology that completes transactions by talking to television or orally placing an order in-store. ToneTag co-founder Kumar Abhishek stated, “Voice assistants like Alexa convert sound into instructions, but they cannot carry data. By adding our Continue Reading
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COVID-19: Flipkart to stop all its supply chain during lockdown

On Wednesday etailer Flipkart said it has temporarily suspended its operations and services as India enters a 21-day lockdown it includes grocery items too. Although ecommerce platforms were allowed to provide essential goods and services in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation, Flipkart decided to halt all orders from March 25 for its […]Continue Reading