June 14, 2024

The fabulous tourism business landscape of Kerala – RAJESH NAIR


The other linkages are too strong to ignore :-


Traditional KERALA

The state is a veritable collage and cultural fusion of the world. The best of Kerala is also seen in Kochi where the best way to understand people is to savour the Onamsadya- a feast organised during the Onam (popular harvest festival).During the festival season, the delicious aroma of cooked rice and beauty of the banana leaves fill the air, spreading enormous happiness and joy. The banana leaves are brightened by the silver drops of water dancing on the green contours of the leaves. All the dishes are arranged in an order that makes the palate look like a painting. Several islands of colours spread on the leaves. The best of Kerala is not a ‘see and go’ theatre– it is a ‘stay and experience’ proposition!

Artistic KERALA

The Muziris Biennale has proved that Kerala has a world culture breathing in it. The wide diaspora of Keralites working around the world and profuse indulgence of the Dutch, Jews and Portuguese have given an artistic identity, which not only finds similarity with the global tourist but also presents a unique flavour that only Kerala, particularly Kochi, retains. Within a short time since its inception, the Muziris Biennale has been rated amongst the best and is on the world tourist calendar.

Egalitarian KERALA

The HDI indicators of Kerala are not be scoffed at. The best countries in India and the world will take a decade to reach some of the figures that Kerala boasts of. A society such as this will focus on development locally and show the world that ‘small and local’ will thrive. The conscious society is law abiding and is well aware of its duty and its rights. An exemplary model of secularism and plurality, it has amongst the highest density of religious institutions, where people of different caste and creed celebrate together. The local governance is participative, inclusive and provides last mile governance through a well-networked web of Panchayats and Taluks.



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