February 29, 2024


The Redi-Go offers 185mm ground clearance, which coupled with the short wheelbase and tiny overhangs gives it an advantage on bad roads. The ride quality is a bit stiffer than what you get in an Alto and the car never feels settled at high speeds. That said, it absorbs bumps rather well and secondary vibrations are well contained. The car maintains good composure in corners, despite the tall suspension setup leading to massive body roll. The thin tyres eventually give up the plot with manageable understeer settling in. The steering feels overtly light while the brakes need a bit more effort although they stop the car rather well.

If you are after a basic city car with good styling and tall seating position, the Datsun Redi-Go is worth the shot. It comes with enough room inside, decent equipments list, an engine that has ample power and fuel efficiency, a decent sized boot and is backed by a 5 year, unlimited kilometer warranty. Datsun also claims the Redi-Go will have the cheapest running costs in its class and will be highly reliable in the long run.


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