June 22, 2024
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Govt lifts Kashmir’s fifty-one-day long curfew


The centre government has literally liberated Kashmir by withdrawing fifty-one-day long curfew, easing the life of local Kashmiris. The killing of the Kashmiri militant, Burhan Wani, on July 8 had triggered a series of violence in Kashmir, killing nearly seventy innocent people. Tens of thousands of Kashmiris and security forces had been injured in the violence. While speaking with the reporters, a police officer claims that there has been a slight improvement in the situations. He added that the violent protests have almost vanished. Meanwhile, it is said that a curfew still exists in Pampore town in South Kashmir and two police station areas in Srinagar. Recently, some terrible clashes again broke out in some sensitive regions of Srinagar. The timely interference of security forces averted all terrible dangers. Interestingly, it is learned that the government has not yet removed the security forces, which were deployed in the sensitive regions of the valley. Meanwhile, according to an official source, the centre government is scheduled to convene an all-party-meeting on 4th of September. It is said that the centre government is not interested in making any dialogue with the Kashmiri separatists. An official statement released by the government confirms that the centre will only invite official representatives and local representative of people. It added that they will not encourage any separatist leaders and representatives by inviting them to the meeting. As per the report, the separatist leaders have issued a weeklong protest calendar. The security authorities have reportedly failed to check the circulation of the calendar.


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