July 23, 2024

Teenagers’ Smartphone love pushing them close to sedentary lifestyle: study


In this modern world, technology is an inevitable element. We heavily relay on technology now, than before. It is true that technology helps human beings in many ways.

Smartphone is one of the most useful byproducts gifted to human beings by technology. It helps us hold the world around us inside our hand, and enables us make many changes in it with our finger tips.

There is a saying that what computer was for those born a generation before the present one is what Smartphone is for this generation.

So, kids and teenagers become friendly with this new invention faster, than old ones and middle aged ones.

But, unfortunately, though the aforementioned trend is very good in respect to the employability of new generation, it is not good for the health of them.

A new study have proved that the love of teenagers and kids in this modern device is pushing them close to sedentary lifestyle, which is the prime reason for the development of several serious non-communicable diseases in human beings.

Reduce the use of Smartphone. Stay health!   


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