November 28, 2022
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TN superstar enters politics, introducing ‘Spiritual Politics’ concept


“The time has come.” This has been what Tamil Nadu superstar Rajinikanth has said when he has announced his decision to form a political party.

The announcement has come as a relief to tens of thousands of Tamilians who has been waiting to hear this for last few years.

While addressing his supporters, he has asserted that his party would contest in all 234 state assembly constituencies in the election which is likely to take place in 2021.

There have been indications in his announcement that the most popular actor’s first priority would be to develop a powerful political network across the state.

In his speech, he has said that his government would not be based on religion or cast or any other similar polarising elements, but would be completely based on ‘spiritual politics’.

Actually, this is the first time such a term has been used in the political hemisphere. So, it is a new ideology.

The superstar has promised his supporters that he would come up with a clear dossier of his party’s ideologies and goals within few years.

Several political leaders and film actors such as Kamal Hassan have welcomed the move, saying selfless people should enter politics.

At this moment it is not clear whether Rajni’s party could make any impact in the upcoming assembly election or not.

AIDMK and DMK, the two most powerful parties, have not yet given any official comments on the Rajni’s political entry.

Does Rajni’s spiritual politics have any connection with BJP’s Hindutva politics?


Vignesh. S. G

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