June 3, 2020
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Setback for Erdogan: Opposition emerges victorious in Ankara

What the latest results actually shows is the dissatisfaction of the common population towards the oppressive and unproductive policies imposed over them in the pretext of the steps for economic growth. Inflicting a huge setback to the undemocratic regime controlled by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the opposition party of the Arab country has emerged […]Continue Reading
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India needs to develop multi-polar foreign relations, says foreign secretary

The Indian foreign secretary, S Jaishankar, asserted the Indian government should develop multi-polar relations with the world powers in a bid to strengthen the foreign relations.He was speaking at a seminar organised to discuss the Indian foreign relations. The prestigious program was convened by the Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses.He opined that the Indian […]Continue Reading

Kosovo: newest country of Europe, an unspoiled destination

The newest country of Europe, Kosovo, is a fascinating land with historic towns, villages, ancient Serbian monasteries, and, most notably, unspoiled countryside. The country had declared independence on 2008, even though Serbian government has not recognized the country. So far, around one-hundred and eighteen countries only accepted the existence of this country. Continue Reading