April 16, 2024
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Students kill and bury threatened youth with the help of an instagram friend

Students kill and bury young man with the help of another friend after they were threatened by their private scenes. The girls have been taken into police custody in the incident. Police have launched a search for Ashok, a Redhill native who helped the girls in the crime.

The film was shot in Eechamkattumedu village near Red Hills in Tiruvallur district. Premkumar, a college student, threatened two 10th class students by showing them private scenes. He was 21 years old. The girls then killed Premkumar with the help of Ashok.

According to the Arambakkam police who investigated the case, the students are from Eechamkattumedu. Premkumar, a native of Tambaram Otteri, met them. Premkumar said that he was in love with both of them. But they did not know each other. Meanwhile, Premkumar filmed the private scenes of the two. With this, he started threatening them.

This threat has continued for the past one year. Premkumar snatched around Rs 1 lakh from the hands of the girls. Meanwhile, the girls find out that Premkumar is cheating on both of them. Unable to bear Premkumar’s harassment, the girls sought the help of her Instagram friend Ashok. Premkumar’s phone was seized and help was requested to delete the pictures.

The girls summoned Premkumar at Sholavaram, asking him to pay as per Ashok’s instructions. There he was abducted by Ashok and his gang. He was later beaten to death and buried.

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