June 24, 2024

Striding through a reviving nation

This country’s prime tourist offerings include agro-tourism, mountain hiking, sight-seeing, sailing and skiing. Of these exceptional outdoor activities, the agro-tourism attracts more tourists each year.


When we speak about the cities of Poland, it is better to start with Krakow as it is one of the most politically as well as culturally significant cities in the country. Though the Jewish city is now filled with beautiful shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and music, we can still feel the fearful memories of Nazi atrocities here and there if we get a chance to visit the historic sites such as the Plaszow Concentration Camp and Oskar Schindler Factory. We must not avoid the Main Market Square, Church of the Virgin Mary and Polish Aviation Museum from our ‘to-visit’ list.

Another important city of this mesmerising European nation is Warsaw. This city is all about greenery, museums and historic sites. Here we may get to enjoy some spellbound nightlife experiences. But, the disappointing fact is that the journey though Poland is a very expensive thing, so it is advised to stay out from these luxury stuffs if we aim to watch our expenditure closely. Even if the wage standard of Poland is not that good as that of Germany, their cost of living is in line with their old rival.



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