March 1, 2024

Striding through a reviving nation

If we closely analyse the common characteristics of these cities of Poland, we can find that giant market squares and milk bars are seen in every city. The milk bars, where we get cheap and healthy meals, are the contribution of the former communist regime.

We may not find it difficult to adjust with the Polish cuisine. Their cuisine is rich in vegetables, meats and sauces. It is a remarkable thing that Poles keep an eye on quality as well as nutrition.


Rzeszow is an ancient city. It is not much harmed by the war so it still possesses numerous mesmerising ancient architectures. When we hear about this land, the first thing that comes inside our mind is its amazing countryside scenery and astounding underground passages. This city is filled with surprises. So, be ready to get surprised.

Now, Poland is a peaceful nation. An average person can only think of the factories and the residuals of unsystematic industrialisation when they hear about the modern Poland. Actually, the old picture of smoky streets and milk bar queues has vanished. We can see the happiness of liberated soul in every nook and corner, and even in the eyes of poles. It is also evident in this country’s art, music, architecture, and food.

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