September 25, 2023
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5 Countries That Welcome Job Seekers: Where to Find Work Abroad Without an Offer Letter

Looking to work abroad but struggling to secure a job offer from a foreign employer? Fortunately, several countries issue visas to job seekers without an offer letter, allowing you to search for employment on the ground. In this response, I will provide information on five countries that offer job-seeker visas to individuals looking to work […]Continue Reading

Germany decides to say a respectful goodbye to some executed prisoners whose bodies were used for experiments by a Nazi doctor

Germany has decided to give a respectful send-off to some execute prisoners whose bodies were used by a pro-Nazi doctor to do some researches on the reproductive anatomy. Recently, the tissues of some executed prisoners were recovered from a private property owned by a Nazi-era anatomy professor, Herman Stieve. The tissues were recovered by the […]Continue Reading