April 20, 2024
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Sri Lanka Issue: Sri Lanka’s tourism sector plunges into recession; There is no solution to fuel shortage

The current financial crisis is darkening the tourism sector in Sri Lanka, which was devastated by the 2019 terrorist attacks and the ensuing corona. Sri Lanka, which receives an average of 22 lakh tourists a year, received less than two lakh visitors last year. Revenue fell from $ 4.4 billion to $ 2.6 billion. Britain and Canada have warned citizens not to travel to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has requested more tourists to visit the country.

I have a tuk tuk while riding a Rajapaksa Range Rover. Is in dire straits. It has been two years since I bought a new shirt. The current crisis will end soon. More people should come to see beautiful Sri Lanka. Jeevan Gunawardena took us to Tuktuk saying that he would show us Colombo at a low cost.

The tragedy came at a time when Lonely Planet magazine chose Sri Lanka as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. At least 269 people have been killed in a series of suicide bombings in Colombo on Easter 2019. Weeks later, fuel shortages in Sri Lanka remain unresolved. About half of the petrol pumps in Colombo were closed. There is a long queue at any time if the fuel is at the pumps. Sri Lanka IOC petrol price crosses Rs 300 per liter.

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