March 3, 2024
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Ajith visits temples in Kerala wearing traditional Veshti-Mundu – Pictures shared on Instagram

One of the favorite stars, Tamil actor Ajith visited Kerala and visited the temple. Ajith had a darshan at the Peruvemba temple in Palakkad. The photos taken when Ajith arrived at the temple are making waves online. Ajith’s latest release Valimai has become a huge hit.

Ajith had come to Palakkad Gurukrupa as part of Ayurvedic treatment. It was then that Ajith also visited the Peruvemba temple. Peruvemba is a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadevan Vaidyanatha. Ajith arrived at the temple early in the morning, attended the pooja and offered offerings.

Vignesh Sivan, who is directing Ajith’s new film, had also visited Kerala recently. Vignesh Sivan came to work in the famous Chottanikaram Makam in Kerala. Vignesh Sivan came to Kerala with Nayanthara that day. No hint has been released about the theme of the film starring Vignesh Sivan.

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