May 26, 2022
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Big Question: Why data is important

It is the high time to discuss why data is important. Not many are aware what happens if the security of data is compromised.

There is a new age saying that data is the new oil. It is true in all senses. What the saying simply implies is that data is as lucrative as oil in this new world.

In the new world of Artificial Intelligence, companies are more reliant on and highly enthusiastic about the art of persona creation.

Suppose you are a person with a smart phone and you make purchases using the phone. Then, you are at the high risk of unintentionally sharing your purchasing pattern with a third person who has control over your phone or the apps in your phone through which you make purchases (that third person may be a company which has manufactured your phone or a company which has manufactured certain apps for your phone).

The abovementioned is a simple imaginary scenario. Like the above, there are several scenarios capable to steal your valuable information from you without your real consent.

This stolen information can be used to study your market behaviour. It can be used to create your persona. Using this, certain best strategies capable to make you fall prey to certain products and services can be created.

It is high time to discuss how secure our data is. It is high time for the country to come up with a strong policy to prevent the misuse of our date.

Some latest developments prove that whatever little laws exist now to prevent the steal of data is simply inadequate.

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