April 21, 2021
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Say ‘Goodbye’ to ‘junk food’; a ‘fat tax’ is coming  


Identifying the devastating effects caused due to the excess consumption of ‘junk food’, particularly those introduced by the foreign food products production conglomerates, and taking all proper measures at the right time to save the misguided youth, our visionary government is planning to roll out a ‘fat tax for junk food’ in order to curb its unchecked access in the Indian market. The conceptualised proposal also stipulates the ‘junk food’ production conglomerates to clearly display all materials including chemicals used in the production of the products they sell. On the wake of new development, the ‘junk food’ lobby, it seems, has initiated their defence measures. It is said that a meeting has been organised to deliberate how to defend the emerged crisis. It is an undeniable fact that some of the players of this pressure group have enough capability to convince the government authorities to dilute the conceptualised proposal in favour of the lobby.

The ‘junk food’ can be blamed as one of the main causes of the majority of non-communicative diseases. Our country is a vibrant market for all kinds of ‘junk food’. Now, it is a 57 billion worth market. It is unlikely that the top players may loose their grip over this market wholeheartedly. PepsiCo and Nestle are the huge players of this sector. As the strong players are sharpening their weapons to spoil the spirit of those who stand by a real cause, it is necessary that a powerful public defence should be emerged in support of the policy makers to encourage them to move forward with their game-changing policy, says an expert. Don’t let a genuine policy succumb before the pressure exerted by some, so called, lobby due to the lack of determination and vision to formulate a public opinion in favour of that policy, the expert added.




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