July 18, 2024
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Karnataka CM stiffens his stand over ‘Kannada language’  



Opening a debate over whether an IAS officer should undergo a language class before assuming a position in a state which has an official administrative language unfamiliar to him, the Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, who is well known for his ‘pro-Kannadika’ stand, has stiffened his stand over the ‘Kannada language’ as he has shown no reluctance to assure that no anti-Kannada stand among the IAS officers would be tolerated. His statement comes as a clear response to the allegation that some top IAS officials of the state are not willing to consider the files written in the Kannada language and are insisting their subordinate to draft the documents in the English language.

Kannada is the administrative language of the state. The common public and officials can use either English or Kannada in the administrative matters like files, requests, applications and et al. Any coercion aiming at forcibly persuading people to use either of the languages is unlawful. Moreover, the Karnataka population has a special sentiment over their language, just like all other South Indian states. Any deliberate attempt to sabotage their right to use their language in the administrative matters will trigger adverse effects. Experts say that it cannot be considered as an isolated case. As more and more Indian states start giving prominence to their regional language, the pressure over the top officers who are working in a state which has a language different from his mother tongue is high, they added.




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