April 18, 2024
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SP-BJP alliance boasts of winning all seats, except one, in UP

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The SP-BSP alliance has boasted that it would win all seats, except one, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in the upcoming general election.

Uttar Pradesh is the state which possesses the highest number of parliament seats. For that reason, each and every political development in the state – small or big – is very crucial.

In the recent past, the SP, one of the most powerful regional parties in the state, joined hands with the BSP, the most powerful Dalit party based in the state.

The merger has considerably increased the winnability of the BSP and SP candidates in the state in the upcoming election. What has formed with the merger is the merger of the OBC, Dalit and Muslim vote base in favour of the SP-BSP alliance in the state.

The confidence given by this merger is what that emboldens the alliance to openly challenge the Saffron party.

In the previous election, the NDA has won at least seventy-three seats in the state. In other words, it was its triumph that enabled them to claim the helm of the country.

Recently, a BJP leader asserted that his party would increase its strength in the state in the upcoming general election.

The SP-BSP alliance has firmly said that this time the BJP cannot repeat what it showed in the previous election in the state.    


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