September 25, 2022
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Income Tax department exposes huge midday meal scam in Tamil Nadu


A huge midday meal scam has been exposed by Income tax department in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It has been revealed that a company which supplies materials for the midday meal scheme in Tamil Nadu has paid huge kickbacks to some officials, politicians and their relatives and associates. Several senior politicians and officials are likely to be booked in connection with the scam, as the department has seized some documents from the company that contains the information of those who has been paid by the company.

As per a rough estimate, a huge sum of Rs. 2,400 crore has been paid so far in the form of kickbacks. If the company pays this much as kickbacks, it can be assumed that the contract to supply materials for the midday meal scheme has helped the company to acquire huge profit. Undisputedly, no company can gain profit from such a contract if it places the concept of corruption in the bay. In that sense, these kickbacks can be assumed as the company’s effort to gain the support of the ruling class to some illicit things it does with the help of the contract to gain unusual profit.

The midday meal scheme is the second biggest scam that hit the state in the recent history. It is to be noted that in the recent past, another scam, named ‘gutkha’ scam, inflicted serious damages to the image of the state.



Vignesh. S. G

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