August 17, 2022
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Kerala MLA’s son and son-in-law booked in Saudi


The Saudi Arabian police have booked the son and son-in-law of a Kerala legislative member from the northern part of Kerala –the MLA is the most powerful member of the leftist regime, which rules the state. At this moment, it is not that clear what has led to the arrest. As per the preliminary reports, the arrest has been made in connection with some kind of economic offence. Apart from the leader’s son and son-in-law, nearly seventeen people have been arrested by the Saudi police. As per a report, the MLA’s son and son-in-law own a company in Saudi Arabia.

The arrest of Indian nationals for economic offences is not uncommon in Saudi Arabia. But, it is the first time the close relatives of a powerful Kerala political leader have been booked for this kind of case.

The ruling front of Kerala has not yet responded about the arrest. In the coming hours, the opposition parties are expected to come with serious protests against the ruling front.

Undoubtedly, the Saudi Arabia’s arrest has badly affected the image of the left front of Kerala, which tries to project itself as the enemy of corruption.

More details are awaited in this story.     



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