October 3, 2022
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US presents draft resolution, seeking blacklisting of JeM leader, in UNSC

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The United States of America, in a surprising move, has presented a draft resolution, seeking the blacklisting of Jaish-e-Mohammed founder and chief Masood Azhar who allegedly masterminded the disastrous Pulwama terror attack in which at least forty Indian soldiers lost life, in the United Nations Security Council, few weeks after an attempt to put the Pakistani citizen in the UN sanction list was blocked for the fourth time by China –the all-weather friend of the rogue nation in the South Asia region.    

At this moment, it remains unclear when the UNSC will put the draft bill for voting. It is foolish to believe that China –the second largest financial strength of the world which blocked similar attempts in the past at least four times (three times completely blocked; the last time partially blocked by putting its decision on hold at least for the next six months) – will not block the attempt this time.

What is needed to be seen is how the US and the others in the UNSC who are in favour of the US’ move will push the draft through the council surmounting the anticipated resistance from the Chinese side. It is also needed to be seen how Russia will respond this time in the UNSC –Russia is perceived as an all-weather friend of India so it is hard to believe that it will take a stand in support of Pakistan in the UNSC; but, it is important to keep it in the mind that Russia is neither a fan of the US’s moves nor a supporter of the Western European’s views.       


Vignesh. S. G

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