May 31, 2023
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Trump attacked in Republican debates

Unique Times

Unique Times

Donald Trump, the tycoon has been criticized by the Republican candidates in their first debate running for the US president. He had upended the race with the controversial comments about the war heroes and Mexicans was being center staged during the debate. He was being criticized immediately by Rand Paul for being the only candidate who refused to rule out a third-party against any eventual Republican winner. The 10 candidates on stage in Cleveland were being selected by Fox News on the basis of recent national polls. The debate took place from 9pm local time for 90 minutes. In both the debates, immigration reform, abortion and foreign policy were among the issues that candidates were questioned on. The Democratic Party had announced they will hold their first debate in Nevada in October. Former senator Rick Santorum had called on the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage as a rogue decision.


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