February 23, 2024
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Seven-year-old missing: Body was found from a river near to her home

On Friday the body of 7-year-old missing child Devanandh was recovered from a river nearby to her home at Elavoor in Nedumankavu, Kollam after 20 hours of intensive search carried out by the police and the fire and rescue personnel.

At around 7 am, the residents in the area spotted a body in the river which is a mere 70 metres away from her house. The body was found in a swelled up condition. After preliminary examination circle inspector, Vipin Kumar officially confirmed her identity.

Meanwhile, the child’s relative and the residents alleged foul play in the incident. “The investigation team searched the same spot for several hours on Thursday and recovered nothing. But suddenly tracing a body from the searched area points out that something about the incident is fishy,” said a resident.

However, the police claim that they do not suspect any foul play in the incident and further details could only be confirmed once the postmortem procedure is completed. Devanadha D, daughter of Pradeep and Dhanya had gone missing on Thursday morning. Following which a massive search was on by the police to find the child.

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