January 29, 2023



  1. Semolina (Rava) – 5 cup
  2. Ghee/oil – 1/3 cup
  3. Sugar – ¾ cup
  4. Milk – ¾ cup
  5. Curd – ½ cup
  6. Baking powder – ½ tsp
  7. Tutti frutti – 2 tsp
  8. Baking soda – 1/3 tsp
  9. Cardamom powder – 1/3 tsp


In a deep bowl Combine the semolina (rava), cardamom powder and sugar .. Mix well

Add ghee / oil , curd and mik ,mix well and make a thick batter

Cover the batter and leave it for 15 minutes

Add the baking powder, baking soda into the batter  and mix well. then add tutti frutti to the batter and whisk it .

Heat 2 glasses of water in a pressure cooker keep a stand in center. Keep lid on it and let the water come to boil

Take a tin suitable for the pressure cooker and grease it with ghee.

Slowly place the tin on the stand in the pressure cooker. close the cooker lid and cook  for 20 – 30 minutes, without using the ring and whistle.

After the 20 -30 minutes open the lid and check the cake with a knife. check if the cake is done

Turn off  the flame and allow the cake cool down

Further, cool down the cake completely. Remove the cake from the  tin .

Rava cake is ready to serve .      



















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