December 6, 2023
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Science Should Be Empowered With Women’s Participation: PM Modi

The progress of society and science can be seen in the growing engagement of women in scientific research, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who stressed this today.

The Prime Minister noted in his virtual speech to the 108th Indian Science Congress, “Today, the country’s thinking is not only that women should be empowered through science, but science should also be empowered with the participation of women.

According to PM Modi, the goal is to revitalise science and research. He emphasised that science’s efforts can only be fruitful when they are transferred from labs to the land.

The Prime Minister highlighted India’s advancement in the Global Innovation Index by saying, “India is currently one of the top 3 countries for startups. In the Global Innovation Index, which ranks 130 nations, we were in 81st place until 2015, but by 2022, we had moved up to 40th place.”

Asserting the importance of science in making India Atmanirbhar PM Modi said that the efforts of Science can bear fruit only when they go from labs to land.

“India should become the Atmanirbhar of science. Science’s efforts won’t be fruitful until they leave the lab and reach the land. Since 2023 has been designated as the International Year of Millets, science should be used to further improve millets grown in India and how they are used “PM Modi remarked.According to the prime minister, India is quickly rising to become one of the world’s leading scientific nations.

“We are also seeing the results of the scientific approach with which today’s India is moving forward. India is fast becoming one of the top countries in the world in the field of science. The role of India’s scientific power will be very important in the height at which India will be in the next 25 years. When the determination to serve the country is combined with the passion for science, then the results also come unprecedented,” said PM Modi.

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