February 25, 2024
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Saudi prince takes responsibility of killing of journalist Khashoggi

Saudi Arabian crown price Mohammad bin Salam has taken responsibility of the killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. He said that the killing happened under his watch.

It is the first time he has publically responded about the incident which has badly damaged the image of Saudi Arabia.

The journalist was killed in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. The crime happened when he reached the consulate to ready some documents for his marriage. His body was dismembered after the killing.

The body of the killed journalist has not yet been recovered. Saudi Arabia has not yet made a clear statement on where they disposed the body.

The action of the Saudi has invited serious criticism across the world. Many western powers have urged the Saudi to take stiffer action against those responsible for the killing of the journalist.

Notably, the Saudi Crown Prince has not done a single foreign visit post the incident. Even the Saudi’s all-weather friend, the US, has left the hand of the Saudi in this issue.

Political observers consider the latest admission by the Saudi Crown Prince as an attempt of the Saudi to reconcile with the western powers.

In the initial stage, Saudi Arabia denounced the reports regarding the murder happened inside the Saudi’s Istanbul consulate. It was Turkey who first reported the murder. Later, the CIA brought more light into the mystery around the murder of the journalist.

Some have demanded an International investigation in the issue.

The killed journalist was a most vocal critic of Saudi Arabia. He wrote several articles against the Saudi government in his regular column in the newspaper where he worked.

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