December 8, 2022
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“Rakhi Sawant Next”: Hema Malini On Kangana Ranaut Election Query

When questioned on Saturday about starlet Kangana Ranut’s rumoured political debut from Mathura, which is also the area that Ms. Malini represents, the BJP MP Hema Malini had a surprising reaction on “film stars” running for office. When questioned about her opinion of Kangana Ranaut perhaps running for office in Mathura, she responded, while a crowd behind her grinned, “It depends on God. Lord Krishna is obedient to his commands.”

“You won’t succeed in electing the Mathura-based politicians. But you spread the myth that only movie stars should run for office and that Mathura only wants movie stars (as elected representatives). Rakhi Sawant will run for office tomorrow “She continued.

A fan commented on the news agency ANI’s video on Twitter, “Oh a lady who herself is a film star, and her husband and son (have) joined politics now has an issue with films stars entering politics?”

Others questioned the BJP MP’s own involvement in politics after his or her election.

While there have been no recent signs of Ms. Ranaut running for office, she did declare in December of last year that she will “fight for nationalists” even if she is not a member of any party.

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