April 20, 2024



Kick start your imagination. This is a narration of a picture. A photograph. He stood still for a moment. He was climbing the steps. With one foot on a step higher and the other foot on the lower step, there seemed to a movement of the subject. A male figure called “Bensen”. The yellow grills were thick and bold. The entire photograph had a ghothic sentiment. The subject, Bensen looked sure and purposeful and yet a little lost to any specific activity. The direction was clearly upward. Bensen stood with the grill in front and the stone wall behind.

A gate with fabrication of metal, synchronized with the fence. This gate and fence added volume to the heavy body in the picture. All these formed the middle ground.

Bellow the grilled fence, we see the depth and a lower level from the steps. This contributes a lot of shadow that complements the bright white sunlight above. Such contrasts have worked well to contribute much meaning to the picture.

Both feet and the hands are visible of the subject Bensen. A sense of completeness in the subject is essential to give the photograph; it’s needed idea of legitimacy.

The immediate, back drops are made from heavy granite stone. It is in a studied formation and a strong wall. As if to kill the monotony, the next background is lush green and a rich forest. The depth of field, as if the eyes can travel through far, right into the horizon. And much white sun light is visible among the gaps of the trees. All these, fore ground, middle ground and multiple layers of backgroundsprovide a great appeal. Then, is the firm and sure formations. All the geometrics are strong and clear. Vertical lines, horizontal, circular and angular shapes are incorporated. The picture has a value of a rural and extremely rustic character. The male subject Bensen shares screen space with each and every other factor and component that is visible. No, one part, inside this picture can stand alone. Therefore the composition looks full and total.



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