May 25, 2024



In this photograph, the clicker must, fill in the blank space behind the subject, “Bensen”. The space at the tail end seems to be empty. A still object or a different colour on the floor of the tail end was needed as a filler. That space, proportionately looks empty. Well, nothing is perfect from the scrutiny of a critique. Any which way, this is shot in a mobile cellular phone. This is evidence that everybody who has near, ten mega pixel camera, fitted into a smart phone, can become a photo artist.

Good imagination of the story behind a visual and quick processing of technicality of location is needed. Then you can capture the event or situation in the equipment that is fitted into your smart phone.

You can get visibility on applications such as instagram. You can develop your own photo blog. And migrate yourself to a new photography hobby. Photo journalism is a full time career that has become trendy. An eye for the unique story, that generally misses the attention of the people, such observation can get you glory in the media industry.

A great photograph, good technical understanding of photograph, some imagination can develop your art sense. Narrating the photograph into a technique of storytelling can make you a journalist and reporter.

Many activities are possible when you begin to own the smartphone. Most of all, you are now the Author and the publisher. The social media can give many opportunities for you to publish your content. Finally the saying is, that the content is king, but the promotion is the Queen. So begin photography, write the narration and then publish your work.

Now, is the exercise for the reader. Simply read carefully with full attention. Then, keep ready a pencil and paper. Now, make a sketch to illustrate in picture form, the story that you have read. It is then, that this communication is complete.

vinod kumar


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