April 18, 2024



The use of outdoor sun light is impressive. Especially on the dark fluffy jacket of Bensen, the light falls on the arm, sleeves and collars. This gives the needed definitions of contours and curves in the dressing. The Architectural accentuation in the ascending frontage and descending tail part bring forth the cultural spirit in photography. Over twenty shades of grey have been produced by light, shades and shadows.

There is an intrigue about the discovery of such location where the green forest is in the upper half of the picture.

The forms, shapes, light and colours all, work in harmony. These compositions of items that complements one another, effortlessly drives the movement of the eyes of the viewer. Where ever the eyes fall, it is then guided like a walk through to all parts inside this frame.

There is richness in the expression. Pleasant and comforting attire.A calculated smile. And a bit dab of melancholy has the viewer, taste a little drama of the director.

In all, one would be safe to rate it towards the winning grade.  The photographer’s strength is to convey a context, for his subject and the location. If the picture has proved an imagination of a specific story in the viewer, then the purpose is achieved, by this photograph. The fulfillment in the photographer is in the imparting and the impact of the, message in the viewer. The judges will qualify also, the ability of this photographic work, to communicate.

A good photograph is an award in it’self to the art of visual communication. Really, words may be able to render the true sense, of the photographer’s intentions. As is the author to a script, so is the photographer to a picture.



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