July 17, 2024
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Now on health card; System for storing health information

Registration has started for a special identity card implemented by the Central Government to keep the complete health information of every citizen. The health card can be linked to Aadhaar but is not mandatory.

AYUSHMAN BHARAT Digital Mission, launched on a pilot basis on August 15, 2020 in 6 Union Territories, has been rolled out across the country from yesterday. At present, 15.57 lakh people have health cards.

You will receive a 14-digit identification number and a PHR (Personal Health Records) address. Virtual Health Card can be downloaded. Health ID is the basis when using health services. Inaugurating the project, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it was a revolutionary change in the health sector.

Only projects like Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) are allowed to use Aadhaar. That is why the new Health ID is being introduced.

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