September 23, 2021

Nicaragua: the cheapest and worthiest tourist location in Latin America


If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see a living volcano, visit Concepcion and Maderas. It is situated in Ometepeisland, located in Lake Nicaragua. You can actually hike both islands. If you want to explore it deeply, you must hike at least one volcano.

As I told you earlier, this country is blessed with diverse culture, tradition, demography, weather, and natural beauty. Even after the rigorous invasion and suppressive administration, the country still preserves the beauty of diversity. This is the first and most relevant lesson we learn from the Nicaraguans.

To see some colonial ruins and architecture, we can visit Granada. You might feel that this city is a little bit different from other cities in the country. Their food, culture, architecture, and, even, Spanish accent are totally different from the other regions. You can actually point out several colonial ruins and colonial cultural traces in this ancient city. Here also, you can see a volcano. Masaya- a semi-active volcano- is located near this city.

You can actually use the local bus service- the Chicken Bus- for your journey. By doing so, you can considerably reduce your travel expenses considerably. It is surely a fun bus. The bus staffs and locals are too friendly that you will not feel like traveling in an alien country. Anyway, it does not mean that the roads are good. You will definitely feel that you are traveling in an under-developed country.



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