February 4, 2023

Nicaragua: the cheapest and worthiest tourist location in Latin America


Spanish is the official language of the country, but some native tribes living in the eastern coastal region speak their own indigenous languages.

The best time to visit this country is January-June. During that period, the local weather is somewhat adjustable to the foreigners. But, even in that season, sometimes you will feel hot and dusty. It depends on the location that you choose to visit. Just like its natural beauty, the climate of this region is also somewhat diverse.


San Juan del Sur is a comparatively developed region in this country. It is famous for its beaches and parties. It is located in southwest Nicaragua. The road connectivity from this place to other cities is fairly better. You can choose this place as a central destination point. The ‘Sunday Funday’ party is definitely a craziest thing that you will get to experience here. Unlike other weekend parties, this party starts at 2 PM. It is better to learn about this party clearly before joining this crazy fun.

Nicaragua is actually the land of volcanos. You should compulsorily visit at least one volcano to say that you have entirely explored this beauty of this land.



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