February 25, 2024


While it may not look much different from its predecessor, this is the new A4 – Audi’s hot-selling premium compact sedan. The A3 may be the brand’s entry-level car currently,but the A4 has always been a sales topper, rubbing shoulders with the Q3. Now, while replacing that,the Audi India went conventional with the styling and radical with its choice of engine.

There are no 3.2 V6 or 2.0 litre TFSI or even a 2.0L TDI, this time. As of now, the only engine the new A4 comes with isthe 1.4-litre turbo petrol– it is same as the one that you get in the base Skoda Octavia or VW Jetta. Audi says that they are on the right track with this, when the market is moving towards petrol car and claims it delivers 17.4kmpl. They also say that the new car is only 0.3 seconds slower taking 8.5 seconds to do 0-100kmph. Now, I understand downsizing, but I am sorry, it looks like a step backward when an all-new model is almost 100 kgs lighter yet slower overall than its predecessor. Bring on the nice engines, Audi.

The new A4 (internal code name B9) sure looks wider than its predecessor, the B8. The new headlamps are slimmer and the top end model gets the matrix LED treatment. The front grille has taken on the latest hexagonal theme and the airdams underneath are now more pronounced. The wing mirrors are not mounted on the door than on the A pillars. The silhouette and rear are very similar to the old car, but there are stronger character lines all around. The familiarities with the old A4 is so obvious.But, it has become more aerodynamic with an impressive Cd of 0.23.



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