February 24, 2024


The handling is benign but it is the ride quality that has gone leaps ahead with this generation. It rides superbly over bad roads with its raised suspension. The bumps are absorbed with absolute ease and there is no unwanted bounciness or floaty feeling over undulating surfaces. The steering is sharp and the brakes feel adequate; so no complaints there.

So with better suspension, lighter chassis and better aero dynamics, the A4 deserves to have nicer engines than the 1.4L to appeal to the enthusiasts. But, on the other hand, if you are going to be chauffeured around, this makes a lot of sense. Coupled to the 7-speed auto, it is pretty fuel efficient. Lack of engine choices aside and the styling which could have been a bit more adventurous there isn’t much else the new A4 misses out on. The interiors are nice, the quality and brand image are spot on. Prices start around Rs.38lakhs ex.showroom for the 30TFSI Premium Plus model and it takes the game from the old A4 into an all new level.


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